September 18, 2010

Dark Side of the MOOG Fest (Sat. October 30th)

Halloween is the anniversary of Drew and M. C. sealing the deal and becoming a couple. We can’t remember if this year will make it 18 years (our porcelain anniversary) or 19 years (our bronze anniversary), but in either case it’s been a long ass time. And what better way to punch our way that much closer to the big 20 than piling all the gear in the car, driving for hours and rocking out onstage in front of a random gathering of thousands of strangers in Asheville, North Carolina? We’re not going to list everybody who is playing at MoogFest, but we’re pretty stoked to play at a festival that includes DEVO, Van Dyke Parks, Emeralds, Panda Bear, Dan Deacon, Dam-Funk, and Ikonika (and we will probably be all drunk and sing along with Cee Lo’s ‘Fuck You” song at the end of the night too). Anyway, Matmos does it to the crowd on Saturday night, October 30th. Go see for all the details, and ticket info and whatnot. And plan your damn costume, come on people.

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