September 22, 2012

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Cutting against the prevalent trend towards a disembodied and dematerialized world of digital slip n slide, we have made an ultra super mega deluxe physical object available to those who wish to acquire such thingly things. To wit, there is a deluxe edition of our imminently forthcoming release, The GANZFELD Ep which you can pre-order from Thrill Jockey Records. In order to allow you to replicate the experimental conditions that generated these recordings in the comfort and safety of your own tastefully appointed homes, we’ve teamed up with the nice folks at InCase to create a special, signed and numbered edition of the EP that comes with eye coverings and some snappy headphones. Now all you need is a dark room and an open mind. Information about the pre-order for this limited release can be found below.

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