January 2, 2012


Matmos has, to the best of our knowledge, never performed in the great
state of Texas. That’s not due to some high falutin’ cultural embargo
because the state’s governor is a homophobic secessionist cretin, no
sir. Many states in the union are saddled with similarly objectionable
human beings, so there’s no sense singling out the Lone Star state.
It’s simply because we’re lazy and it hasn’t happened yet.

But all that will change in the new year when we truck on down to Houston to
fire up the only American presentation of “(the LID”, our
improvisational-yet-kinda-composed collaborative project with the
choreographer Ayman Harper, a Texan who mostly hangs out in Germany,
and Jermaine Spivey, a dancer from Baltimore who also mostly hangs out
in Germany. We have already opened this particular LID in Frankfurt
and Berlin and we thought it might be nice to serve it up with a side
of chile rellenos, before we whip it out again in Dresden this summer.
We are grateful to the kind people of DiverseWorks for sticking their
neck out and hosting us.

That’s next Friday or Saturday January 13 or 14th…at 7:30pm

Perhaps someone will take us out for a drink on Friday?

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