October 16, 2012

Our new EP, The GANZFELD is released today!

Matmos – Very Large Green Triangles from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Our pals at L-Inc design created a moving illustration created straight from Ed Schrader’s Psychic Session with Dr. Daniel.

Do watch it at full screen!

New recordings are now available from Thrill Jockey. On the EP (aside from Very Large Green Triangles),  a special full length chorale by M.C. Schmidt featuring the voices of Clodagh Simonds (Fovea Hex, Mellow Candle, Mike Oldfield), Angel Deradoorian (Dirty Projectors, etc), Dan Deacon (!!) and M.C.S. and Dr. Daniel.

Also, a remix of a song you can’t even hear yet from the forthcoming “The Marriage of True Minds” entitled “You” by Rrose…dark, flavourful and intense.

The Marriage of True Minds comes out in February. I personally can’t wait, but I guess I don’t have to, ’cause I’m in the band…but you do. In the meantime, do your own psychic experiments with the equipment provided in the boxed set, advertised below. They really are very nice headphones.



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