September 26, 2013

Exploring the nebulous, cloud like, three-dimensional sound space at the center of four speakers. Does this space evoke comedy? Cavernous Terror? Reassuring Pastoral Birdsong? Inhuman Wire-Mother Bleeping? COME OCCUPY THIS CLOUD with M.C. Schmidt, Mark Hosler, Wobbly and Thomas Dimuzio ALIVE ALIVE ALIVE ALIVE ALIVE

Socializing with Mark Hosler, yes audio cut-up-legend-of-Negativland Mark Hosler the other day in Asheville, North Carolina,  M.C. Schmidt realized how much they have in common. On the other hand, not having  meaningfully socialized in 25 years, much was missing from his knowledge, for example M.C.S. had no idea that Mark plays a wicked solo “table top noise” set! This socializing was occuring at a show where Thomas Dimuzio was also playing…M.C.S. and the audience managed to prevail upon the two to play together, and it was staggering!

M.C.S. realized that electronic music fans, in cities OTHER (and as well as) than Electronic Music City, USA might enjoy seeing this combination of players separately and PERHAPS together again.

Selfishly, of course, M.C.S. wanted to play too, and having very much enjoyed his sets with Wobbly as part of Matmos and in improvising duos with him at the Red Room in Baltimore, and working on the album SIMULTANEOUS QUODLIBET with him, a foursome was made, a tour was booked, and YOU are the potential benefactor.

M.C.S.’ obsession with Q u a d r o p h o n i c  S o u n d  led him to convince the others to explore the sono-spacial benefits of this arrangement of speakers, and again, YOU are the real potential benefactor.  The difference between stereo and quadrophonic is like the difference, on a hot day, between standing in front of an air-conditioner and swimming in a fresh pool.

Please join us in the bottomless lake of sound, granted the ability to breathe underwater  – with your ears.

•     •     •

BALTIMORE – Saturday, 12 October  THE RED ROOM – with Jaap Blonk and Jeb Bishop! (holy shit, if I do say so, look at that amazing line-up!) – 8:30PM

PHILADELPHIA – Sunday, 13 October  THE INTERNATIONAL HOUSE – click here for information

BROOKLYN – Monday, 14 October  THE SILENT BARN – 603 Bushwick – 8PM  with Brian Blomerth’s “avant” Nope!!!

PROVIDENCE – Tuesday 15 October  95 EMPIRE   8PM

AKRON – Thursday 17 October  RUBBER CITY NOISE    8PM  with Joseph Minadeo & Curt Brown / Thieves!

CHICAGO – Friday 18 October  EXPERIMENTAL SOUND STUDIO    8PM  5925 N Ravenswood, Chicago, IL 60660

BLOOMINGTON – Saturday 19 October  THE REAM  8:30PM  1316 S. Walnut, Bloomington   with Kray Fanny and John Flannely presenting “double dueling pianos, in DIY Quadrophonic Sound”

ASHEVILLE – Sunday 20 October  APOTHECARY  9PM  39 S. Market St. B  Asheville, NC  with Xambuca

Please share this information with anyone you think might be interested.  Thank you for listening.

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