June 14, 2015

matmos in the world – –

This summer sees us travelling around to make it convenient for certain people, the BEST people, in certain places to experience our sound work and world.

The special people this summer live in London-ish, England, Lisbon, Portugal, Braga, Portugal and Japan.



Starting June 15th we will be “in residence” at Metal, a gallery in Southend-on-Sea. We will create special site specific works to be experienced in the park there. It WILL be good enough for the people of London to get on a train and spend some time in the park there (and in the EXTRA-there we will create) eat a light meal and make it home before Game of Thrones comes on, or whatever.  It will be MUCH more convenient and enjoyable, of course, for the people who already live in Southend! At some point, as yet undetermined, we will do an informal artist-talk at Metal. Perhaps this would be a good day for people to come early, enjoy some of the there there and then hear us talk about it! We may also play live…no one is certain…it’s a residential…flow…right?      Matmos will leave Metal June 24th and go to


LISBON, Portugal.

On June 25th we will do a workshop:

and on the 26th we will play a concert:

We have not double checked these websites for their accuracy, so make sure sure sure before just assuming this is correct!


BRAGA, Portugal.

Matmos will play a concert on June 27th in Braga

and on the 26th we will do a workshop! We will talk about how we make “music” and why, and why we make the decisions we do.  If, perhaps you make electronic music of your own, bring it, maybe on a flash drive, and we can listen to it together and talk about it.

Then we pop back to London and will speak at Goldsmiths on July 1st…the details of this at the time of this writing are not worked out. I’m sure you and your pocket-computer could work it out together! Do come! We will talk, play sound work, and answer and ask questions.

Then we have a bit of time back in the loving sweaty arms of mother-Baltimore and then we’re off to



July 16 -25    Many venues, and kinds of venues, from bookstores to sweaty punk clubs, from private performances in love-motels to helicopter air-drops on the very very top of Mt. Fuji.  Some of these are LIES.  We will be salty AND sweet. Bruising AND massaging gently.  HOT, with pepper.  Matomosu!!   Almost all shows are WITH the gentle super genius of pain, JEFF CAREY!  But anyway, here’s the website:

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