July 30, 2015

More Matmos. Pleasuring your ear for the rest of 2015.



NEW YORK CITY   On Wednesday August 5th Matmos will play Lincoln Center Outdoors with Lee Ranaldo and Yo La Tengo!


BALTIMORE    August 29th M.C. Schmidt and Jason Willett   DJ/perform DJing   “Windjammer” with Beach House, Future Islands and Dan Deacon and MORE! playing live.


SUSSEX, England     What we worked on during that residency in Southend-On-Sea should be available for experiencialating sometime in September.



OSLO      September 12th Matmos plays Robert Ashley’s “Perfect Lives”  in Oslo, Norway:


KRAKOW      September 17th  M.C. Schmidt reprises his role as John Cage in “45 Minutes for a Speaker” with So Percussion in Krakow, Poland.


BALTIMORE      September 21-27 M.C. Schmidt plays (and M.C.s) the 17th annual High Zero Festival of Improvised and Experimental Music in Baltimore.

Not JUST the festival, amazing in it’s own right, this year, but a set of sound installations by international sound artists, as well, “Sound Investments”…


INDIANA      October 9th Matmos plays the Wounded Galaxies Festival with Cyclobe and others, in Bloomington, Indiana …The Burroughs Century, Ltd. presents


JERSEY CITY     October 24th  “Ear, Nose and Throat” (M.C. Schmidt, Jason Willett and Max Eilbacher) play as an introduction for PEOPLE LIKE US / Vicki Bennet’s new video work “Citation City” at MONTY HALL the venue run by WFMU. Please buy tickets, and if you do so, feel free to buy them in advance with this service:


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