September 27, 2016

December…Washing the Western Lands…

Those of you who live on the Western Coast of North America, see what we do with our washing machine, live!  The West Coast performances are opened by our friend, soundman, mastering engineer, recipient of prizes, Danish-educated in Sonology, comfortable and appropriate playing with death grind, but also with Matmos:   Jeff Carey.

December  4 – Los Angeles, CA – Bootleg [TIX]
December  5 – San Francisco, CA – Gray Area/Grand Theater
December  7 – Portland, OR – Holocene [TIX]
December  8 – Vancouver, BC – Western Front [TIX]
December  9 – Seattle, WA – The Vera Project [TIX]

Matmos plays this insane festival, not, however, playing the Ultimate Care II :

December  17-18 – Houston, TX – Day for Night Festival ^ [TIX]




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