June 30, 2016

The West – 1998

We have made available our 1998 album The West on Bandcamp. Please support us in our endeavor while adding this classic album to your digital collection. Includes original cover and liner notes.

“The sky is always the hardest part.”

Drew Daniel Kentucky '98

J Lesser M.C.Schmidt '89 Wyoming Steve Goodfriend '87? Chris Guttmacher



We’re not sure about this crowning glory business, but The West has been described as…

…a sun-bleached prairie-bound fandango, the San Franciscan duo of Drew Daniel and M C Schmidt pooled together traditional tropes and instrumentation for 1999’s The West. It remains the group’s crowning glory and closely follows the cross-pollinating template laid out by Chicago’s Gastr Del Sol on their wondrous Camoufleur album, released the previous year. …

-Spencer Grady, Record Collector Magazine

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