February 19, 2016

Ultimate Care II is released. Please matronize a local record shop and purchase it.

All we can promise is,

“Musically, too, it’s beautifully realised, structured in movements which incorporate numerous different styles” and “an authentic sounding-board for quality electronic music.”  -MusicOMH  (UK)

Perhaps you’d like a guarantee of

“Repeated spins prove its musical merits…”  -London In Stereo

Everyone likes a sound work that…

“…is both high concept and instant appeal. No one else makes music anything like this, and I doubt anyone else knows how, or would have the wit to pull it off if they did”   -Dalston Sound

Perhaps you’d like to read some things we sort of said in ARTFORUM to convince you that you should own this artwork?

“Daniel and Schmidt have always been fascinated by texture, and here they focus on it intently, exploring dozens of ways that water can fall, slosh, churn, or hiss. During calmer interludes, drones move past as if floating through an amniotic sac.”  -Pitchfork


Or, perhaps you live in Whitefish, Montana, where I am not sure there IS a record shop. In which case you may order this artwork (and let’s keep in mind that  18 dollars is a pretty good price for an artwork) from


IN other news, we will be doing a short tour of the eastern half of the United States, and later Europe. But we’d like to say, that although you SIMPLY MUST come to these shows, what we really do best is make recorded sound works. The album is the important thing (to us). This is the experience we would like you to have…everything else is gravy. Enjoy our record.


Floristree Baltimore, MD w/ Bonnie Jones Tickets
Thalia Hall – In The Round Chicago, IL
National Sawdust Brooklyn, NY


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