October 14, 2016


We know we’re in the middle of a fancy Matmos tour of Europe with “Perfect Lives” right now but we are also, occasionally, a record label called Vague Terrain. It’s mostly a vanity label but every so often we hear something completely gobsmacking and feel that we MUST share it with the world and this is one of those times. To wit, there’s an album called “Defy A Thing to Be” by BULLY FAE and in just 22 minutes it lays waste to queer poetics with sick flows and abstract noise-chops and tight creepy smiles. If you search in the aesthetic Bermuda Triangle between Nicki Minaj’s bars on “Monster”, Ariana Reines, and a Ryan Trecartin character, you will find Bully Fae. You can buy the album on Bandcamp as of TODAY.  We’re deeply stoked to say that Bully Fae will be appearing LIVE with Jeff Carey and MATMOS on our West Coast tour this December. For a short sharp taste of their tight-yet-abject style, check the video for “Elevator Pitch” linked below. Yeah it’s NSFW but c’mon you never let that stop you before.



Bully Fae – Elevator Pitch (lasséz-fairy forecast) from Bryan Collins on Vimeo.

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