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Albums and Singles

Regards / Ukłony Dla Bogusław SchaefferCD2022
The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises in Group FormCD2020
Plastic AnniversaryLP/CD2019
Ultimate Care IIDownload2016
The Marriage of True MindsLPx2/CD2013
The Ganzfeld EP12"/CDEP2012
Supreme BalloonCD2008
The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a BeastLPx2/CD2006
Steam and Sequins / Tract12"2006
For Alan TuringCDS2006
Rat Relocation ProgramCDEP2004
On and On7"2004
The Civil WarLP/CD2003
Live with J LesserCD2001
A Chance to Cut is a Chance to CureLP/CD2001
California Rhinoplasty12"/CDEP2001
Freak ‘n’ You12"2000
The Soldering Social7"1999
The WestLP/CD1999
Matmos (s/t)CD1998

Compilations *

Camera LucidaPhotisms2007
Not AloneA Song For the Appeal2006
Les InvisiblesHeroic Afternoon (with David Grubbs)2006
Everything Comes & Goes: A Tribute To Black SabbathF/X2005
Irreplaceable Hand: A Benefit CD for Dax PiersonHandkerchief, Heartbeat, Accordian (For Dax)2005
Brain in the WireYou Can2002
American Breakbeat: RebuiltCount Tweakula (remix by Sonic Dragolgo)2002
Draw Me a RiotCymbals & Aspirin (A Breakthrough In Pain Relief)2001
Clicks & Cuts 2Keine Zähne2001
House Of DistractionInfects Devine2001
American Breakbeat: Electronic Music From USA And CanadaCount Tweakula2000
AttitudeGreat White Entertainers2000
RGB [ An Audio Spectrum ]Blue1998
Music for Listening ToSun On 280 to the 11998

* unexclusive songs have been omitted

Aliases and Collaborations

Aqua Sauvage/Stuffed ConcreteM.C. SchmidtCASS2019
Batu MalablabM.C. SchmidtLP/CD2015
Instant Coffee! (s/t)Instant Coffee!LP2010
Treasure StateMatmos/So PercussionCD2010
Simultaneous QuodlibetMatmos/Wobbly/Lesser2010
Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want The Soft Pink Pink Truth?The Soft Pink TruthLP/CD2003
Acting CrazyThe Soft Pink Truth12"2003
Do You Party?The Soft Pink TruthLPx2/CD2003
Wide Open Spaces Matmos / People Like Us / WobblyCD2003
Promo FunkThe Soft Pink Truth12"2002
Do It Quite SloppilyDry Hustle12"2002
A Viable Alternative To Actual Sexual ContactVague Terrain RecordingsCD-R2002
The Soft Pink TruthThe Soft Pink Truth12"2001
Full On NightMatmos / Rachael’s12"/CDEP2001
Armadillidium VulgareIao CoreCD1997
2 x CDDisc2xCD1996
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