June 14, 2015

M.C. Schmidt made a video for Baltimore duo “Wume”.

Watch: video by Matmos’s MC Schmidt for a Wume track from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

Max Eilbacher helped by leaving a lot of files on my computer which I used as original footage (the VHS stuff at the beginning, which neither of us recognizes, which MIGHT be the French Canadian laff-riot “Juste pour rire“.) and as key-sources.  Buy their album! It’s really really good!

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March 13, 2015

M.C. Schmidt debuts his first “solo” album – Batu Malablab

Batu Malablab works a dislocating magic, indulging in a tradition of western fantasy of non-western music. Recalling gamelon-inspired experimental classics such as John Cage’s prepared piano work, Can’s “Ethnological Forgery Series” and Jon Hassell’s “Fourth World” ambient music, Batu Malablab is imaginary global music made in the Baltimore basement studio pictured on the back of the LP/CD.

You will enjoy owning your own copy, and listening to it. Perfect for the oncoming summer, and every summer after that.  There will only be 500 of these.

Please, purchase it from the label, here:

Knock ‘em Dead

miniCOVER Batu Malablab

M.C. Schmidt


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February 1, 2015

Matmos in the-area-around-Washington, DC PRAVAFEST!

Please join us at the Pike and Rose Audio Visual Arts Festival in North Bethesda, Maryland.

Performances and site specific installations, curated by Nuit Blanche, of New York.

SATURDAY February 7th
6pm to 2am

11580 Old Georgetown Rd. North Bethesda, MD 20852

Metro: White Flint Station

It looks to be very elaborate, mulit-storied and immersive!

Do look at the website to see who else is presenting and performing!

ALSO IMPORTANTLY, you have to RSVP online!

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December 17, 2014

Cast of local genius types make damning political commentary, graciously involving M.C.S. …Also, a beautiful bear.

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August 9, 2014

This is a dungeon master I can live with…

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July 27, 2014

Matmos – Out Standing in their Fields….fest.

Please join us, and nearly every person we know in Baltimore for what promises to be a truly bizarre event. The new Woodstock, like Altamont without the killings! Putting Burning Man to shame.



Come “camp” with us.

Camp can also be a social practice. For many it is considered a style and performance identity for several types of entertainment including film, cabaret and pantomime.[3] Where high art necessarily incorporates beauty and value, camp necessarily needs to be lively, audacious and dynamic. “Camp aesthetics delights in impertinence.” Camp opposes satisfaction and seeks to challenge.[2]

It’s in Maryland, the state where Baltimore is.

Fields Festival - Aug 22-24 2014 - Darlington, MD

Please click on the above, marvel at the madness of the line up, buy tickets, pack your stuff and join us.



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June 26, 2014

Do jobs no boss stoops to do. Jog Brooms of Soot. Mop floors of shmoo.

Matmos travels to San Francisco and Los Angeles in the next few days. Please come and see us at Martin’s alma pater…

The San Francisco Art Institute on Saturday the 28th at 8.  We have talked our friend, artist and sometimes collaborator Nate Boyce into collecting some of the video work he has created for electronic super-genius Oneohtrix point Never and cutting it into a reel with Mr. Lopatin’s music. A never-before experienced treat!  Worth the price of admission alone!

As if THAT wasn’t enough…

Beforehand in the lovely SFAI “quad” overlooking Sutro Tower and the Bay Bridge (there really is no more attractive school “quad” in the world) there is a Beer Garden! Go figure. Not that we are playing a *particularly* beery set, but there it will be anyway, come early have a wurst und ein broetzel and socialize with us! Prost! Und so weiter.


Then we leave our friends in S.F.  and travel south to


Los Angeles where we may be seen on Tuesday the 2nd of July at  “Cinefamily” at   611 N Fairfax Avenue  Los Angeles  90036  at 7:30  with NEW VIDEO WORKS BY Electro-Acoustic Brujo John Wiese.

These sets will both be performed in QUADROPHONIC SOUND. We will be playing all new “pieces”, with the possible exception of Rainbow Flag, which is always fun to play.


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May 3, 2014

Supreme Balloon video and live version of song.

Here is the “show video” that we project when we play the song, Supreme Balloon, synced with a live version of the song from Toronto’s legendary Music Gallery.
I thought this was a good rendition of the song to use in that we make miraculously few mistakes, and J Lesser’s manic modular synthesizer system adds a certain vim to the version.
As I always recommended the live audience, I recommend to you, the home viewer- focus on the center dot on the screen and don’t move your gaze until the video is over.
Please watch it full screen with a beautiful stereo system playing the sound. With your pony.

If it’s steppy in Firefox, I have found watching it in Safari (if you’re a mac user, I guess…) works better. It always seems to behave properly at magic postcard size.

Thanks to J.T. Marsh for hosting for us!


Matmos – Supreme Balloon – sound live at Toronto’s Music Gallery 2008 from James Thomas Marsh on Vimeo.

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March 7, 2014

Matmos – “alternately tactile and thunderously crunchy” duo will tour Europe in 2014 with Jeff Carey

We are most pleased to announce that we will be coming to the U.K., Deutschland, Danmark, Italia, España and France to sow peace, love and “a language of clicks, taps and zippy glissandi” as well as “serious music with a sense of fun”.  Perhaps we will also play  “brilliant sets building terse loops into overarching, evolving structures {which are} largely meditative and occasionally wry”!  Perhaps also, “noisy, rhythmical, humid, treacly stews of wonderful, gibbering sounds, rich textures and gleeful insanity”…but we’re not sure.

We are also VERY pleased to bring with us Jeff Carey, a fellow Baltimorean, who will purvey, according to the Wire Magazine: “musique concrete that has torn away from it’s formal academic origins. Deconstruction and assembly in nasty extremis.”  He may also show himself, as Jan St. Werner (the one with the beautiful hair) said once to be, “A master of granular synthesis, {with} the idea of an intense listening space seeming to be just right for Jeff’s radical approach to sound.” !!

Find out more about him here:

29/05/14    Bristol (UK), The Lantern (tickets)
30/05/14    Birmingham (UK), Supersonic Festival (tickets)
31/05/14    London (UK), Cafe Oto (tickets)
01/06/14    London (UK, Cafe Oto (tickets)
03/06/14    Heidelberg (DE), Karlstorbahnhof (tickets)
05/06/14    Copenhagen (DK), Jazzhouse (tickets)
06/06/14    Berlin (DE), NK (tickets)
07/06/14    Dresden (DE), Beatpol (tickets)
09/06/14    Venezia (IT), Spazio Aereo (tickets)
10/06/14    Bologna (IT), Biografilm Festival (free entry)
13/06/14    Barcelona (ES), Sonar Festival (tickets)
14/06/14    Bordeaux (FR), I-Boat (tickets)
16/06/14    Lille (FR), L’Aronef (tickets)

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February 11, 2014

Baltimore’s High Zero…

Apropos of nothing, except that a brilliant intern did a lot of work for us at the High Zero Foundation, and presumably you are a freak who wants to see and hear this sort of thing,  I want to direct your attention again to some of the amazing performance sonics that go on at our festival.  OK, OK, I’ll admit that I think I did a nice job mixing the sound on this, and editing the video in a sort of of-course-you-can-pay-attention-to-two-things-at-once cubist style…but it is these two players that bring the shine. Paul Neidhardt and Tom Nunn.



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